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Endless & Eternal

The Invitation

Whether you are a comfortable couch-lover yearning for the courage to explore, or the insatiable dreamer longing for a significance greater than your own,

… here is your invitation …

to dive into the greatest epic ever written, a story of redemption whose pages colored the world from before the beginning of time and on into eternity: The Living Word of God.

In my books, you will come face to face with the heroes of our faith, both those well-known and those whom history never named. They, like each one of us, faced insurmountable odds, fear, discouragement, and hopelessness.

Yet in holding fast to the Word of Truth, they found the courage to overcome.

My hope, through these pages, is that the Word would come alive, and those victories would become your own. Your journey has just begun. The Author of Life has given you a part in His story. And He is waiting to encounter you in it. Are you ready?

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Short Stories

When I receive a greater revelation of the culture and history surrounding the Word, it inspires a richer love, not just for scripture, but for the Person who is the Word. It is my greatest joy and passion to invite you into a deeper relationship with Him.

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About Alicia van Huizen

A couch-lover with an overactive hero-complex, Alicia has been known to kill vipers and block the path of runaway cows. She grew up in Texas, but hightailed it to Europe as fast as she could where the pages of history could come alive around her. Her two years of a discipleship school on the Biblical island of Cyprus quickly turned into 9 more years serving as a missionary on staff with her husband where she currently leads worship and weekly Bible studies. There in Cyprus, her four great loves collided together: writing, history, the nations, and above all else, the Word of God. Her debut novel, When the Stars Fought, semi-finaled in ACFW’s Genesis Contest 2022 and is anxiously awaiting release come winter.

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