What Readers are Saying about When the Stars Fought

“The characters leap from the pages of this well-written novel as if watching a well-cast movie.” — mesontag

“Rich evocative language, engaging throughout, never lags, great character development. I highly recommend this book.” — L. Jones

“If you like the work of Connilyn Cossette, Jill Eileen Smith and Mesu Andrews, you will truly enjoy this book.” — Kindle customer

What if the man who killed your family needed help only you could give?

Thirteen-year-old Oriel dreams of leading Israel to victory over their enemies, just like the bold and daring heroines of her faith. But those dreams are shattered when a long-standing feud between nations flares up again and she is taken captive to pagan Damascus. Abandoned by the God of her fathers, she struggles to hold on to faith and find purpose in her captivity. But when she comes face-to-face with the man who slaughtered her family, bitterness threatens to snuff out what little faith she has scraped together right when she—and the murderer—need it most.

Tasked with reclaiming Syria’s glory, Commander Na’aman conducts raids into the land of Israel. But when he unexpectedly collides with a strange prophet and witnesses the power of Israel’s mysterious God, he is left shaken. Does the God of Israel have more power than his gods? Na’aman is not convinced. Until the leprosy appears. Has Israel’s God at last taken revenge on him? Stripped of his title, his dignity, and cast out from society, he has nowhere left to turn. Except to his enemies.