Is Your Season Changing?

I love Fall. But then again, who doesn’t? Fall is one of those seasons were the change is significantly noticeable. The weather cools, the leaves turn color. Everyone dusts off their boots and scarfs. We know the joy that is coming. The season of hot, sticky Texas summer has ended and the season of all-things-pumpkin-cinnamon-ginger-goodness has begun.

Anticipation builds.

In the same way, I believe God wants to build our expectations at the change of every season. Not for pumpkin spice lattes, sweaters, and turkey, but for the adventures He has planned ahead for us.

One thing I’ve discovered is that God has a time and season for everything.

A time to travel and a time to stay put. A time to invest in others and a time to invest in yourself. A time to give and a time to receive. A time to dream big with God and a time to launch out into those dreams.

God loves working within the structure of seasons! Just look at how He created crop life cycles. I love asking Him what is in His heart for me as we journey together into the season ahead. It sharpens my focus so that I am not carrying into a new season what God has finished in the old. It aligns me so that I don’t target that which is unnecessary, but I target the priority.

September 20th marks the beginning of Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish New Year. While I may not be Jewish, I recognize the significance in one year ending and another beginning. New years mark new seasons in our lives, moving from the old chapter and onto a blank, fresh page. And the coming of Fall offers a visible reminder of that change which is ahead.

Do you know what season you are in?

Take time today to ask the Lord. Where does He want your focus to be in this next season? How does He desire to build anticipation for all He has planned for you to walk in these next days, weeks, and months?